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eProfit Commissions

eProfit combines all the features of the best existing pay-per-click, pay-per-lead/sale and pay-per-impression sales networks, providing the full spectrum of actions for which commissions can be assigned and tracked.

Commission events supported by eProfit:

Impression: The viewing of an advertising link or banner by the visitor of the affiliate's website. Commissions are calculated per thousand impressions and represent a fixed amount. Only unique impressions are counted at eProfit.

Hit: The viewing of a merchant's website after clicking on the advertising link placed on the affiliate's website. Commissions represent a fixed amount. Needs the hits tracker installed on all merchant's website pages.

Click: A click occurs when one of the affiliate website visitors clicks on the merchant's advertising link. Fixed amount. Merchants should not use this type of commissions in case the verified click is used.

Lead: A lead is an action performed on a merchant's website by a visitor who came from an affiliate's website by clicking on an advertising link. This action can be, for example, a registration, a download, a subscription, filling out the form etc. Sales are not considered as leads and constitute a separate action. The leads tracker needs to be placed on the thank-you / confirmation page of a merchant's website. Commissions for this action represent a fixed amount.

Sale: A transaction/purchase effected on merchant's website by a visitor who came from an affiliate's website by clicking on an advertising link. The commission rate for this action may constitute a fixed amount or a percentage or both of them. In this last case the highest number is counted. The sales tracker must be installed on the purchase confirmation/thank-you page. A sale must occur in up to 30 days after the click for the action to be tracked. This time period is the standard cookie duration at eProfit.

Preorder: Analog of "Sale" action. This action can be used by the merchant if the payment for the purchase effected on the merchant's website is taken after the purchase was initiated on the merchant's website. In this situation it is impossible to confirm the sale immediately, e. g. the purchase can be cancelled by the customer, the purchase amount can change etc. Although, it is possible to track such actions.
The merchant has to specify the commission amount for "sales" and place the preorders tracker on the order confirmation/thank-you page of the his/her website. To place the preorder tracker, the merchant will have to specify the commission for this action (it can be a very small amount, for example 0.001 cents). After the payment was received the merchant reports it to eProfit by completing the form with sale ID and amount. The form can be accessed by clicking on the "Export Sales" button in the right menu of his/her program details page. It is recommended to do this daily. The commissions are paid to the affiliates only after sales are confirmed by the merchant. The commission amount that is paid is the amount confirmed by the merchant.
eProfit is currently working on more effective and easy ways of tracking this commission type.

Visitor: The merchant's site view by the unique visitor who came from the affiliate's website by clicking on an advertising link. Unique users are identified using browser cookies. Cookies at eProfit are stored for 30 days since the first visit. The hits tracker must be placed on all pages.

Verified click: A click on a merchant's link placed on an affiliate's website. The difference between click and verified click is that the verified click ensures that the visitor from the affiliate website has viewed the at least one page of merchant's website. The hits tracker must be placed on merchant's website pages in order to verify clicks. This action shall not be used by the merchants together with "click" action. Otherwise both actions will be tracked causing double rate for almost one and the same action.