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My Office Overview

My Office at eProfit is your personal working space which gives you access to all the eProfit system features, such as searching for merchants' programs, managing programs you are participating in, sending and receiving messages, managing your account, personal info, managing merchant's banners and links shown on your websites, viewing statistics and your websites performance.

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My Profile

In this section you can change the information you entered during the registration process.

You can also change your eProfitt password on the "Change Password" page of "My Profile" section. Enter your new password, confirm it and press "Change Password" button. Your new password will be sent to your e-mail.

Other eProfit users do not have access to your Profile information. This information is for administration purposes only.

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My Account

In "My Account" section of My Office withdraw funds from your money account at eProfit and view the list of all transactions you made at eProfit.
You can withdraw funds that you earned as an affiliate by participating in merchants' affiliate programs at any time. Your withdrawal request has to be approved by administrators which usually does not take longer than 24 hours.

The transaction list displays the transaction ID - the number of your transaction in the eProfit system, the transaction amount (if you made a withdrawal, the transaction amount will appear negative), the date and time of the transaction and it's description, which includes the type of the transaction and the payment system/method that was used.

To withdraw funds from your account:
1. Click the "Withdraw funds" link in "My Account" section of My Office.
2. Select the payment method you would like to use on the next page. Enter the amount you would like to withdraw and press the "Withdraw funds" button. Confirm the amount on the next screen.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction.
4.The withdrawal transaction will be completed as soon as eProfit administrators approve it (it usually takes no longer than 24 hours on business days). After the transaction is complete it will be displayed in the list of all transactions you have made at eProfit.

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My Messages

In My Office you can view service messages you received from eProfit system. Messages are used by eProfit for sending service messages and notifications to the users. All messages are forwarded to your e-mail address.

Click "Incoming messages" link in "My Office" to view all the messages you have received from eProfit. Navigate through pages with messages using page numbers at the top and the bottom of the page. Read messages are displayed as open envelopes, unread messages - as closed ones.

Click on the message subject to read it. The message will be marked "Read".

In case a message is a merchant's invitation to participate in his/her affiliate program or a reply to your application, you can view your affiliate website and the affiliate's program this message refers to by clicking on the appropriate links.

If you are acting as a merchant as well as an affiliate, you will also be able to view messages related to your affiliate programs here.

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Account Quick Stats

In the bottom right corner of "My Office" area you can view your quick statistics.

My Account Stats

Here you can see your account ID and the current balance on your account. The blocked sum denotes the sum that you have requested for withdrawal. Withdrawal requests are processed on working days within 24 hours. Until your request is approved, the amount will show up as blocked.

Note: The displayed total amount of money on your account includes the blocked funds.

Today Stats
Here you can see the amount of money earned by you from 12:00 am to the present moment of the current day (if you are an affiliate), or the estimated amount of money due to your affiliates as their commissions (if you are a merchant).

Note: To see more comprehensive statistics please go to "My Account" section.

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