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Adding a New Affiliate Site to eProfit

Use "Add New Site" link in My Office to add a new site to participate in merchant's affiliate programs. This is the first thing you need to do after registering at eProfit. You can add as many sites as needed. Your websites can participate in different or in the same affiliate programs. You will be able to select which advertising materials you would like to show on which website.
Adding sites and participating in affiliate programs at eProfit is free.

Note: By adding an affiliate website to eProfit you agree to the Terms of Use.

Step 1

The first screen of the "Add New Site" process allows you to select up to 5 categories to post your website in. Select the categories your website/services/product may be referred to. Selecting the proper category will allow you to tell merchants what your site is about, allowing them to invite you to participate in their programs accordingly. A site posted in the same category as the advertising program it is participating in usually draws more visitors to the merchants website and hence receives more substantial commissions. Moreover, visitors from such sites are usually more interested in merchants' goods/services which in its turn causes increased sales and leads generated by your site allowing you to earn even more. That is why choosing the right category for your site is so important.

Select a category from the list or click on "Select more than one category" link if you would like your website to be listed in up to 5 categories.

Click the "Next" button when finished.

Step 2

The site information screen will appear. Here you can: specify the site name, URL, enter the your site description, select the country and language of your website, choose affiliate program participation terms. All fields are required on this screen.

Program name: Enter you program name. Choose the name that makes clear what your website is about. Also try to make your site name shorter, a maximum of 255 characters is allowed for this field.

URL: The URL of your website. Allowed format: http://www.mysite.com or http://mysite.com. No more than 255 characters. You will not be able to change your site URL after the site is approved by eProfit moderators.

Description: Briefly describe your website, your company, and the information/goods/services your website offers. Please do not advertise your goods/services/website here. Provide only the information that can be useful to merchants and will help them make their choice while selecting a website to invite to their programs. It will also be useful to mention the number of visitors per day of your website.

Encoding: Specify your site's character set. This affects the encoding of the banners shown at your website. Banners with mismatching character set will not be shown on your website.

Select country: Select the country where most of your website visitors come from.

Approve Programs - program approval method. As an affiliate you can select the way you would like to approve programs you would like to participate in and advertising materials of which programs you would like to show on your website.
Possible methods:
"All" - all affiliate programs are allowed to display their banners on your website. When you send an application to this program, your website is automatically approved.
"By category" - only the programs that belong to the same category as your website are automatically allowed to advertise on your website. When a merchant sends you an invitation to participate in his/her program, his/her program is automatically approved in case it belongs to the same category as your site.
"Manual approval" - you gain full control over which programs are showing advertising materials on your website. You decide whether to join a specific program or not.
In any case you can always send an application to the program you are interested in.
More info on applying to a program.

All program info except the program URL can be reviewed and changed after you have added your website to the system.

Click the "Add Site" button when finished. Your website will be reviewed by eProfit administrators. You cannot send applications and participate in programs until it is approved, but meanwhile you can set advertising zones for your website.
More info on advertising zones