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Find Program Section

This section allows you to search for merchants' affiliate programs and send applications to participate in them as an affiliate. You can always apply to a program, no matter which participation terms you have selected for your website(s) - by category, all programs or manual.

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Searching for Affiliate Programs

Use the "Find Program" link in "My Office" to find an affiliate program you would like to participate in. The list of categories will appear. Each program may be posted in up to 5 categories.
Pick a category to see the list of affiliate programs.

Click the "Advanced Search" link if you would like to conduct an advanced program search.
A search form will appear. Using this form you can search by:
- Keywords in program name and description
- Category
- Country
- Types of banners these programs have uploaded for the use on affiliate websites. This option may be useful when you have an advertising zone(s) of a specific size at your website and would like to find a program which has a banner that matches it.

If you have received none or too little search results, please try leaving some fields empty.
Clicking the "New search" link will clear all fields of the form.

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Program Listing Page

The search results page displays a table for each affiliate program.
Table fields:
The name of the affiliate program
URL: The URL of the affiliate program (the URL of the site you will be attracting customers to if you become an affiliate)
Added: The date and time when the program was added to eProfit.
Status: The current program status - can be "Active" (you can show this program's advertising materials on your website and earn commissions) and "Not Active" (the merchant has suspended the program or does not have enough funds on his/her account to guarantee commissions payment. In the latter case the program is suspended automatically and resumed after the merchant has added funds to his account).
Accept Sites: The way this program accepts affiliate sites for participation. The merchant selects the way he/she would like to accept sites to show his/her program advertising materials on.
Possible methods:
"All" - the program automatically accepts all affiliates' sites who send requests to participate in it.
"Approve by category" - the program accepts websites from the same category only. If your site is posted in the same category as the merchant's program, your application to participate will be approved automatically.
"Manually" - The merchant has full control over which affiliates' websites he/she would like to show advertising materials on. After you have applied to a program, your application will be considered by the merchant and can be approved or rejected.

The program overall statistics up to the present moment can also be viewed on this page. Learn more about statistics.

Click the "View banners" link to see the program's advertising materials to be shown on affiliate websites.
Click the program name to view program details, commissions and statistics.

Using the checkbox opposite each program you can select the programs you would like to aprticipate in. After selecting the programs, click the "Apply to selected programs" button at the bottom of the page. An application will be sent to the selected programs' merchants. You will be notified via e-mail when one of the merchants makes a decision.
The programs that you have applied to will appear in "My Programs" section of "My Office".

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Program Details Page

Clicking on the name of an affiliate program will make this program details appear.
Besides the basic information here you can view:
Country: The country where the merchant's company is located or for which the program is targeted.
Added: the date and time when this affiliate program was added to the system by the merchant.
Description: brief description of the program
Categories: The categories where the program has been posted.
Statistics: The program's overall statistics up to the present moment. Statistics explained.
Commissions: The commission rates and actions for this program. Commissions explained.

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Viewing Program's Advertising Materials

Merchant's Advertising Materials are banners and links that are shown on your website if you participate in merchant's affiliate programs. Banners and links are displayed within the advertising zones that you define for each of your sites. More on advertising zones. Banners at eProfit can have all possible formats and sizes. Each affiliate program has a unique set of advertising materials. By participating in a program you accept to show its banners on your website. You can select which banners you would like to show in a specific zone by clicking on the "Adv. zones" link of My Sites page.

Click the "View banners" link on the program listing page or program details page to view advertising materials of a specific program. This will allow you to decide whether to participate in this program or not. Such decision can be made depending on the banner types and sizes, their quality, design, CTR, statistics etc.

Use the page numbers at the top and the bottom of the page to navigate through pages if there are more than one of them.
Click on the "Show Banner" link in the banner table to view it the way it will look on your website.

The merchant's banners table shows:
Banner name - the name of the banner assigned by the merchant.
Added - the date and time the banner was added to the program. Statistics for a banner are shown for the entire period since the banner was added.
Language - the banner's language for the particular affiliate program
Banner status - Active/Not active - merchants can deactivate some banners if they would like them to be temporarily removed from websites of affiliates participating in merchant's affiliate program(s).
The banner itself or the HTML code of the banner in case it is a HTML banner. Click on the "Show Banner" link to view the banner the way it will look on affiliates' websites.
Banner ID - the identification number of the banner at eProfit.
Banner type - can be text, HTML, image or Flash. You need to have an advertising zone allowing to place this type of banners in order to show it on your website.
Banner Size - you need to have an advertising zone of the same size as the banner to show it on your website.
Program Name
- the name of the program this banner belongs to. Click on it view the program details.
Banner statistics - the banner statistics for 3, 7 days and the entire period for which it has existed in the current program. More on statistics.