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Applying to Affiliate Programs

Sending applications for participation in merchants' affiliate programs

After you have added a website, created and placed advertising zones on it you can start applying to merchants' affiliate programs.
Merchants, in their turn, can start inviting you to their programs. You can approve or reject any merchant application in "My Merchants" section of "My Office".
While creating a program merchants select the way they would like to accept sites to participate in their programs.

To apply for participation in an affiliate program:
Navigate to My Office --> Find Program
Search for programs you would like to participate in as described here.
Use the checkbox opposite every program name that appears in search results to select the programs that you would like to apply to. Press the "Apply to selected programs" button.
The page will appear showing the list of programs you have selected and your websites' list. You can send applications to the programs from several websites at once.
Use the checkboxes opposite every site name to select the sites you would like to participate in affiliate programs, and press the "Send an application for selected sites" button. An application will be sent to the merchants. The programs you have applied to will appear in "My Merchants" section.

In any other situation you will have to wait until the merchant reviews your application and approves/rejects it. You will receive the corresponding notification to your e-mail.