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My Sites Section Overview

After you have added your website it will appear in the list of all your websites which can be accessed using the "My Sites" link in "My Office".
This list shows all the websites you have submitted to eProfit.

Affiliate Site Statuses
Affiliate sites can have 3 statuses at eProfit. Site status is displayed in red or green for each site registered at eProfit.

Active - The website is active and can participate in affiliate programs.
Approval pending - this site has been added but not yet approved by eProfit administrators. When your site has this status you cannot send applications to partricipate in affiliate programs, but you can create advertising zones which will show merchants' banners on your website after your site has been approved. You can edit, delete your website, view, add and delete advertising zones. Usually websites are reviewed by moderators within 24 hours.
Rejected by moderators - this website has been rejected by eProfit administrators. The most common reason - the website does not comply with eProfit Terms and Conditions. If a website is declined by administrators you receive a corresponding notification explaining why it has happened. You can then edit/correct your website and it will be checked by our administrators once again.

Each program table displays the following information:
- Website's name
- Website's URL
- Date the website was added
- Website's language
- The current status of the website
- The method using which merchants' invitations to affiliate programs are accepted (you can change this method by clicking the "Edit" link)
- Estimated site earnings this day (recalculated every hour)
- Website's customization tools (Site Action Menu)

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Viewing Site Details and Statistics

To view your website details and statistics click on the website name in "My Sites" section.
A table appears which includes the following blocks:
Website's status - indicates the site's status in the eProfit system
URL of the website
Country - The country where most of the website visitors are living or where the company/individual owning this website is located
Language - The language in which the site's content is composed Added - The date when the website was added to the system
Charset - The character set of the current website
Description - Brief description of the site
Categories - The category(ies) where this site has been posted to
Statistics - detailed statistics of the website's affiliate activity

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Site Action Menu

The site action menu is displayed on the right side of site details page. Click the appropriate link to perform one of the following actions:

Edit - Edit or update your site details. How to?
Delete - Remove your website from eProfit system.
Adv. zones - Create and get the code for advertising zones on your website. More on advertising zones.
View programs - Shows affiliate programs the site is participating in.
View invoices - View all the invoices generated while working with the current website. More info on invoices.

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Editing/Updating Website Details

You can edit your website info at any time after you have added it to eProfit. You can change all the parameters except the site URL and categories in which the website has been posted. Your site URL can be changed only until the site has been approved by eProfit administrators.
To edit or update your affiliate website info, please click the "Edit" link located in Site Action Menu of "My Sites" section. The "Edit Site" screen will appear.

Here you can edit:
Site name, description, change character set of your site, country, language, and program participation mode.

Note: Changing program participation mode does not affect your current relationships with merchants' affiliate programs, i .e. if you have already joined a program, you will keep particpating in it even if you, for example, choose to manually select programs for participation instead of accepting all programs. You can view/break relationships with current affiliate programs in "My Merchants" section of "My Office".

Press the "Update site" button when finished. Your changes will take effect immediately.

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Deleting a Website

You can remove your affiliate website from the system if you no longer want to participate in affiliate programs with it. After deleting a website the only way to restore it in the eProfit system is by resubmitting it.

To delete a site:
1. Navigate to "My Office" -> "My Sites".
2. Find the website you would like to delete from the list of your websites.
3. Open the website details by clicking on its name.
4. Click the "Delete" link in the right menu.
4. A dialog box will appear confirming your action. Click "OK".

Your website will be immediately deleted from eProfit system.

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Creating and Managing Advertising Zones

Creating advertising zones and placing their code on your website is the frist thing to do after you have submitted your site to the eProfit system and start participating in merchants' affiliate programs. Without doing it you will not be able to show merchant's banners and links on your website(s).

Advertising zones are advertising materials' placeholders. Advertising zones have different sizes (matching the banners of standard sizes) and can hold different banner types. You can set positions for each zone on your website's pages by placing a code where you would like merchants' banners and links to appear. Merchants' advertising materials can only be rotated when an advertising zone has been defined. Banners of different merchants can be rotated in one and the same zone.

To view your advertising zones or add a new one to you website, click the Adv. zones link opposite the specific site table on your websites listing page or on the site details page. The list of advertising zones you have created for this website will appear.

Each advertising zone's table displays the following elements:
Zone Name - the name you have assigned to the zone while creating it
Zone Type - The types of banners and links that can be displayed within the current zone - text, HTML, image, Flash or any combination of these
Size - The size of banners that can be placed within the currrent zone. Every zone can display only one banner format
Advertising Zone Menu - zone's customization tools

Advertising Zone Menu
Using the menu to the right of each zone you can do the following:
Edit - Edit the current advertising zone. You can edit any zone at any time you wish. Note: Changing the zone type or format can prevent your current banners from being rotated within this zone. Do not forget to change the dimensions of your website's area where this zone is placed.
Get HTML code - Receive the HTML code of the zone to be placed on your website.
Customize Zone - Define banner rotation mode and select which banners you would like to be shown in the current advertising zone.
Delete - Delete the current advertising zone. After deleting an advertising zone from eProfit system banners will no longer be shown within this zone on your website so you can remove the zone code from your website pages.

Adding an Advertising Zone
To add a new advertising zone to your website please click on the "Add New Advertising Zone" link in the top right corner your advertising zones listing page.
The "Add a New Zone" screen will appear.
Fill in the form, specifying the following parameters:
Zone Name - assign a name to your new zone. This field is optional, but defining it may help you to easily navigate through your advertising zones.
Zone Type - The types of banners and links that can be displayed within the current zone - Text, HTML, Image, Flash or any combination of these.
Size - Select the size of banners that can be placed within the currrent zone from the dropdown menu. Every zone can display only one banner format.
Click the "Add zone" button when finished.

The advertising zone for your website will be created. You can view it in the list of your zones.
Now you will need to add the HTML code of the zone you created to your website.

Receiving and Placing the HTML Code of an Advertising Zone
Click on the "Get HTML code" link in the right menu of the specific zone. The screen that appears will include the code you will have to paste into your website pages code (you need to place this code on all pages where you would like advertisements to appear). Please mind that the zone displaying banners must have the size of the banners you select to display in it. Do not change anything within the advertising zone code, otherwise banners may not be displayed correctly.
After inserting the zone code into your website you are ready to search for affiliate programs and apply for participation.

Deleting an Advertising Zone
After deleting an advertising zone from eProfit system banners will no longer be shown within this zone on your website so you can remove the zone code from your website pages.
To delete an adertising zone click on the "Delete" link in the right menu opposite the zone you want to delete. The comfirmation window will appear. Click OK and the zone will be removed from the eProfit system.

Customizing the Advertising Zone
Click the "Customize Zone" link in the zone right menu to select banner rotation mode and select which banners you would like to be shown in the current advertising zone.
You will see the full list of the programs having banners rotated in your zone.
This table displays the following elements:
- Program Title
- URL - click on the URL icon to see the merchant's advertised website.
- Program Status - the current status of the affiliate program. If the program is Not Active, its banners are not shown within your advertsising zone.
- Accept Sites - the method of accepting affilliates' websites for participation in this program.
- Matching Banners - the number of banners this program has that match your advertsising zone (have the suitable size and format). The number in brackets shows the amount of banners that are rotated within this zone.

There are two banner rotation modes at eProfit: Automatic and Manual
Automatic Banner Rotation Mode
When your advertising zone is in automatic banner rotation mode, all the matching banners belonging to all the programs your website is participating in are shown within this advertising zone. The banners to be shown are randomly selected by eProfit. If you would like to select programs and banners yourself, switch to the manual banner rotation mode.

Manual Banner Rotation Mode
When your advertising zone is in manual banner rotation mode it is you who decides which banners to show in your advertising zones. You can select to show all the matching banners for the selected program or to show none of them. Or you can manually select the banners to show in your advertising zone.
To select the banners you would like to show:
1. Switch to manual mode by clicking the appropriate button
2. Find the program for which you would like to select banners from the program list at the bottom of the page
3. Press the "Select Manually" button opposite the progam's name. You will see the banners for the specified program that match your advertising zone.
The banner table shows the banner itself (click on the "Show Banner" link to view the banner if it is an HTML banner), the banner target URL, the date the banner was added (helps to understand the banner statistics), language, banner type, size, the program it belongs to and the overall statistics for this banner, which can help you understand whether it is worth including this banner into your advertising zone or not. More about statistics.

4. Decide which banners you would like to show in the current advertising zone and select them using the checkboxes on the right of the page.
5. Click the "Attach Selected Banners" button.

Note: You can switch back to automatic mode whenever you want, then the eProfit system will select banners to show in your advertising zone from the matching banners of the programs you are participating in. Switching from the manual mode to automatic will not affect the selections that you have made in manual mode. Hence you can switch back to the manual mode without loosing your preferences.

Site Invoices

Invoices for every site are generated by eProfit daily. They allow you to track your daily earnings from every program you are participating in.
To view invoices for one of your websites:
In "My Sites" section of "My Office" click "View Invoices" in the right menu. The table of invoices will appear.
The table of invoices displays the following parameters for each invoice:
- Invoice ID - the identification number of the current invoice (for system purposes only)
- Program Name - the name of the program this invoice refers to
- Site Name - the name of the website invoices of which you are viewing
- Amount - the invoice amount. The amount of money the selected site has earned on the current date
- Date - the date when the invoice was generated. Invoices are generated daily
- Paid - shows whether the invoice was paid. By default all invoices are paid automatically in case the merchant has enough funds on his/her account. If not, his/her affiliate program is blocked and banners are not displayed on your websites anymore. The invoice will be paid automatically after the merchant has added more funds to his/her account at eProfit.

Invoices can have 3 statuses:
paid - The merchant has sufficient funds on your account and the invoice was paid automatically.
not paid - the invoice has been generated after the merchant has run out of funds on his/her account and was not paid. The invoice will be paid after the merchant has added more funds.
suspicious - an invoice can be marked as suspicious and will not be paid automatically if there have been too many actions of the same type from one visitor (with same IP, cookies and browser), which you have attracted to merchant's program site. These cases are investigated by eProfit administrators and the invoice will not be paid until it is clear that the case is not fraud.

The total amount of funds you have earned from your websites is the total of all invoices. It is updated daily and can be viewed under Money Account section of My Office.