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Starting a New Affiliate Program

Use "Add New Program" link in My Office to start a new affiliate program. At eProfit you can run as many affiliate programs as needed. Every affiliate program is intended to promote one website/service/product and have a unique set of parameters including commission types and levels, advertising materials, terms etc.

Starting a program is free, but in order to pay commissions to the affiliates you will need to add funds to your account at eProfit before starting an affiliate program. After that you will have to maintain the minimum required balance on your account until the program expires. The more affiliate programs you have, the higher is the minimum amount. It is calculated in the following way: the minimum amount per one program is multiplied by the number of programs you are running. In case you run out of funds on your account, your programs become blocked. When this occurs your advertising materials are no longer shown on affiliates' websites until you add funds to your account at eProfit.

Note: By launching a program at eProfit your agree to the Terms of Use for Merchants.

Step 1

The first screen of the "Add New Program" process allows you to select up to 5 categories to post your program in. Select the categories your website/service/product may be referred to. Selecting the proper category will allow you to target your program more distinctly. It will also help the affiliates to find it and participate only in those programs that are related to their websites' category.

Select a category from the list or click on "Select more than one category" link if you would like your program to be listed in up to 5 categories.

Click "Next" button when finished.

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Step 2

The program setup screen will appear. Here you can specify the program name, URL, enter program's description, select the country for your program, choose the affiliate admission terms and set up commissions types and levels. All fields are required on this screen.

Program name: Enter you program name. It may be your service/product name or company name or both. Try choosing a name that would make clear what is advertised.

URL: The URL of the website to be promoted. The program URL cannot be changed after your program is approved by eProfit administrators. (http://www.mysite.com or http://mysite.com).

Description: Briefly describe your affiliate program, your company, your website and the goods and/or services your website offers. Describe the commission type you are offering to affiliates and for what actions. You can specify the commission size at the bottom of this page. Please do not advertise your goods/services/website here. Provide only the information that can be useful to affiliates and will help them understand your program.

Select country: Select the country where your company is located or where the service and products are available.

Accept Sites: Choose the criteria you would like to use while accepting affiliates' websites for participation in your program.
Available options:
"All" - automatically accept all affiliate websites to participate in your program. Affiliates will not need to send an application to you.
"Approve by category" - only websites from the category matching your program's are accepted.
"Manually" - you gain full control over which affiliates' websites you would like to show your advertising materials on. Affiliates will have to apply to your program first and you will be able to manually approve or reject their applications.
In any case you can always invite an affiliate to join your affiliate program. More info on inviting affiliates.

Commissions: Select the desired action and enter the commission amount in the corresponding field. Use [.] (point) as separator in commission amount field.

You can read more about commissions in eProfit's Commissions Guide.

All program info, except the program URL can be reviewed and changed after you have created your program.

Click "Add Program" button when finished. Your program will be reviewed by eProfit administrators. You cannot invite affiliates until it is approved, but meanwhile you can upload banners to be used in your program.
More on uploading banners.

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