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Find Site Section

This section allows you to search for affiliates and their websites and invite them to participate in your programs. You can always invite affiliates to your program no matter which website acceptance terms you have selected for your program - by category, all websites or manual.

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Searching For Affiliates' Websites

Use the "Find Site" link in "My Office" to find a particular affiliate's website. The list of categories will appear. Each website may participate in up to 5 categories.
Pick a category to see the list of websites.

Click the "Advanced Site Search" link if you would like to conduct an advanced website search.
A search form will appear. Using this form you can search by:
- Keywords in site name and description
- Category
- Country

If you have received none or very few search results, please try leaving some fields empty.
Clicking the "New search" link will clear all fields of the form.

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Sites Listing Page

The search results page displays a table for each affiliate's website.
Table fields:
Site: The name of the current site
URL: The URL of the current site
Language: Language of the website
Status: The current site status - can be "Active" (the site is ready to participate in affiliate programs and show advertising materials) and "Not Active" (the affiliate has suspended the site participation in merchants' programs and is not available).
Approve Programs: Program approval method. The affiliate selects the way he/she would like to approve programs to place advertising materials on his/her website.
Possible methods:
"All" - all affiliate programs are allowed to display their banners on this website. When you send an invitation to this site, your program will be automatically approved.
"By category" - only the programs that belong to the same category as the current site are automatically allowed to advertise on this website. When you send an invitation to participate in your program to this website, you program is automatically approved in case it belongs to the same category as the site.
"Manual approval" - the affiliate decides whether to join a specific program or not. You can send an invitation to this website.

The site overall statistics can also be viewed from here. Learn more about statistics.

Click the "Adv. zones" link to see the website's advertising zones.

Click the site name to view website details.

Using the checkbox opposite each website you can select the sites you want to invite to join your affiliate program. After selecting the sites, click the "Invite selected sites" button at the bottom of the page. An invitation will be sent to the selected sites. The affiliates can accept/reject your invitation. You will be notified via e-mail when the affiliate makes a decision.
The sites that you have invited to participate in your program will appear in "My Affiliates" section of "My Office".

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Site Details Page

Clicking on the name of an affiliate's website will make this website details appear.
Besides the basic information here you can view:
Country: Website's country
Language: Language of the website Added: The date when this website was added to the system by the affiliate
Encoding: Site's character set must be the same as your banners/links encoding in order to display them correctly
Description: Website's description
Categories: The categories where the site has been posted.

Viewing Affiliate Websites' Advertising Zones

Advertising zones are advertising materials' placeholders. Affiliates are given an HTML code to be placed on their site. Advertising zones have different sizes (matching the banners of standard sizes), positions on affiliate's websites pages and can hold different banner types. These parameters are set by affiliates. Your banners can only be rotated within an advertising zone. Each affiliate's site can rotate banners of different advertisers in one and the same zone.

Click on the "Adv. zones" link on the sites listing page or site details page to view advertising zones of a specific website. This will allow you to decide whether you would benefit from inviting or accepting this site to participate in your program or not. This decision can be made judging on the banner types that can be rotated in the site zones, banner sizes and the number of zones available on the site.

The site's advertising zone table shows:
Zone name - the name of the advertising zone assigned by an affiliate
Zone type - the type of the banners that can be rotated in this zone. It can be text, HTML, image, Flash or any combination of above mentioned types.
Size - the size of the banner this zone can rotate. Other banner sizes cannot be rotated within this zone.

By clicking on the advertising zone name you can receive more information about the advertising zone.

Banner rotation modes
Affiliates can choose between two banner rotation modes for each zone - automatic or manual. You will be able to see which mode the current zone is in after clicking on its name.
Automatic mode - The affiliate does not control how your banners are rotated in his/her advertising zone. Banners matching the size and format of the zone are rotated in it.
Manual - The affiliate decides which banner in which of his/her advertising zones will be shown.

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