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This section allows you to manage affiliates and affiliates' websites you currently have relationship with. These include sites that are showing your ads, sites with invitations or requests pending, approved or rejected. You can change the status of almost any relationship, e.g. Stop a site's participation in your program or re-invite a site to your program in case you or the affiliate have refused to start a relationship earlier.
The drop-down menu allows you to select which sites will be shown and for what programs.

Viewing affiliate sites list

To access affiliate sites list you have relationship with, use the "My Affiliates" link in "My Office".
Information about the affiliate program and the site participating in it is displayed in the left and right part of the screen accordingly.

Using the drop-down menu you can filter sites in the following way:
Show all sites - All sites that have any kind of relationship with your affiliate program(s). Depending on the relationship status you can re-invite a site, approve or reject site's request to participate in your program, or cancel your invitation.
Show "Applications pending" sites only - Affiliates' websites that have sent you an application which you have not approved/rejected yet. You can approve/reject an application by clicking the appropriate button under the site's info table. In both cases a notification message will be sent to the affiliate.
The number of pending applications is also displayed on "My Office" main page opposite the "My Affiliates" link.
Show sites engaged in programs - Sites that are currently participating in your program(s) and showing your ads. You can stop this relationship using the "Cancel" button. Later you will be able to re-invite this site to join your program.
Show sites that rejected your invitation - Sites that have rejected your invitation to participate in your affiliate programs. If a site has rejected your invitation it will show up in the list, but you do not have the ability to re-invite the site. The site's owner is the only one who can try to reinitiate the relationship by sending you an application to your program.
Show sites I rejected - Sites that have been sending requests to participate in your affiliate programs which you have rejected. You can re-invite a site to participate in the program the affiliate applied to.
Show sites with invitations pending - Sites you have invited to participate in your program. Your invitations have not been considered yet.

The right drop-down menu allows you to view sites participating only in the program you select.

The picture between the two tables denotes one of the following:
Active Relationship - the site is engaged in one of your programs. Your ads are shown on this website. The site status can also be "Not Active" - in this case your banners are not shown on it until the affiliate reactivates it.
Approval Pending Applications - the site has sent an invitation to participate in your affiliate program. Please approve or reject the application by clicking on the appropriate button.
Approval Pending Invitations - the site has received an invitation from you which has not been considered yet.
Rejected Relationships - the relationship between your program and affiliate's site has been cancelled by one of the parties. You or the affiliate can try to reinitiate the relationship by sending an invitation/application to the other party.

The program table to the left displays the following info:
Program Name - the name of your program.
Program Status - "Active" or "Not Active".
Accept Sites - the method through which sites are accepted to participate in your program. Possible methods:
"All" - automatically accept all affiliates' websites to participate in your program. Affiliates do not need to send you an application to participate in your program.
"Approve by category" - accept websites from the same category with your program only.
"Manually" - you have full control over which affiliates' websites would show your advertising materials. Affiliates have to apply to your program first and you can manually approve or reject their applications.
To be paid today - The total estimated commissions to be paid today to all affiliates.

The website table to the right displays the following info:.
Site Name - the name of the current site
Status - the current site status - can be "Active" (the site is ready to participate in affiliate programs and show advertising materials) and "Not Active" (the affiliate has suspended the site's participation in merchants' programs. The website is not available).
Approve Programs - program approval method. The affiliate selects the way he/she would like to approve programs and place advertising materials on his/her website.
Possible methods:
"All" - all affiliate programs are allowed to display their banners on this website. When you send an invitation to this site, your program will be automatically approved.
"By category" - only the programs that belong to the same category as the current site are automatically allowed to advertise on this website. When you send an invitation to participate in your program to this website, your program is automatically approved in case it belongs to the same category as the site.
"Manual approval" - the affiliate decides whether to join a specific program or not. You can send an invitation to this website.
URL - click the URL icon to view this site.
Click on the site's name for more details about this site.