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ShopClub welcomes the opportunity to cooperate with all merchants willing to sell their products worldwide, those who want to increase their online presence, promote their products and dramatically increase sales.

In case you are interested in cooperation and want to sell your products through ShopClub, please contact us for more details, terms and conditions of possible participation.

In order to become a ShopClub merchant and you will have to do the following:

1. Register as a Merchant at eProfit - our International Online Affiliate Network. eProfit.com is used in order to provide secure payment, sales tracking and account management as long as the cooperation with affiliates which will become available for ShopClub merchants in future.
2. Create your affiliate program at eProfit and upload your products export file (in Froogle or Yahoo format).
3. Track your sales made at ShopClub.com in your eProfit Office.
4. Watch your sales and store popularity grow.

Visit http://www.shopclub.com to find out more about ShopClub or go to eProfit.com to become a merchant.

Please read further if you need further instructions or contact us.

You can also find the same instructions in eProfit Help section.


Registration at eProfit for ShopClub merchants is free.

Upon completing registration process you gain access to your account where you can create your program, upload your product export files, control your sales through ShopClub and more.

To register with eProfit simply fill in the fields of the registration form.
Please note that the information you enter will not be visible to other users. We take your privacy very seriously. For more details please read our Privacy Policy.

After completing the form, click the "Register" button. You will receive a letter containing the link to activate your account to e-mail.

You can change you password and update registration information at any time later in "My Profile" section of My Office.
Use your login and password to sign in to your eProfit account.

Now you can start your program at eProfit.

Starting a New Affiliate Program

Use "Start New Program" link in My Office to start your advertising program at eProfit. The affiliate program system is used in order to give you the ability to track sales made by ShopClub customers on your website, to upload and withdraw funds. Soon you will be able to expand your web presence even more by letting our affiliates participate in it and sell your goods on their websites.

Note: By launching a program at eProfit your agree to the Terms of Use..

Step 1

The first screen of the "Start New Program" process allows you to select up to 5 categories to post your program in. If your shop sells product of different types please select E-commerce category or Internet Shops category, otherwise please select the category of goods your shop is specializing in.

Select a category from the list or click on "Select more than one category" link if you would like your program to be listed in up to 5 categories.

Click "Next" button when finished.

Step 2

The program setup screen will appear. All fields are required on this screen.

Program name: Enter you program name. It may be your service/product name or company name or both.

URL: The URL of your e-shop (http://www.mysite.com or http://mysite.com). The program URL cannot be changed after your program is approved by eProfit administrators.

Description: Briefly describe your affiliate program, your company, your website and the goods and/or services your website offers.

Select country: Select the country where your company is located or where the service and products are available.

Accept Sites: Please select "Manual approval" here.

Commissions: Please select the "per sale" commission type here. Enter the ShopClub commission volume in percents opposite the "sale" commission type. This is the amount you are ready to pay to ShopClub users. The ShopClub commission will be deducted from this amount. The amount will then be paid to ShopClub customers in a form of rebate or discount.

All program info, except the program URL can be reviewed and changed after you create your program.

Click "Add Program" button when finished.

Linking to products export file

After clicking the "Add Program" link you will be offered to specify the link to your .csv file (http:// or ftp://) containing the information about your products.

We support Froogle and Yahoo! export files format or you can use our own format which is described below.

ShopClub Export File Format:
Please use the *.csv file. Link example: http://www.yourshop.com/feed/export.csv

Format Requirements
Tab delimited plain text.
First line of the file must contain field names, separated by tabs.
One product per line; each data field must be separated by a tab.
No trailing tabs at the end of lines.
File must be saved in LATIN1 or UTF-8 encoding. ASCII is also acceptable.
Product and image URLs must include the http:// portion, for example: http://www.yourshop.com/image.jpg
Please do not use thumbnail images. If there is no image of the actual product, leave the field blank. Do not use logos.

ShopClub Required Fields
Field Name Field Description Example of Contents
code A merchant-specific identifier, or SKU. A unique code must be used for each product and should be kept consistent from feed to feed. 230cth452t
name The product name, with no control characters or embedded HTML. Cardinal Calling Card
description The product description, with no control characters or embedded HTML. If you do not have product descriptions, you may enter the same data as the ‘name’ field. You can enter long descriptions if you wish, but they will be in some cases truncated for display purposes. 100% cotton capri pants with oversized cargo pockets. Available in brown, green and gray; sizes 6,8,10,12.
price Price, in US dollars, with a decimal point and no $ sign. 110.00 (not $110.00, 110)
product-url The URL that links to the product on your site.
Please include http:// in your URLs.
category The category you use on your own website for each product. Please include your full hierarchy for each entry and separate the different levels with a " > ". home electronics > audio & video > video > dvd players

ShopClub Recommended Fields
Field Name Field Description Example of Contents
image_url URL of the product image. Required if you have product images on your web site. Use your full-sized product images; do not use thumbnail images. Leave this blank if you do not have an image. http://www.yourshop.com/images/1006.jpg
format A merchant-specific identifier, or SKU. A unique code must be used for each product and should be kept consistent from feed to feed. 230cth452t
upc The fully qualified, 12-digit Universal Product Code for the product.
Highly recommended for all products.
isbn For Books only (please leave this field blank for all other product types)
The International Standard Book Number for the product.
brand The brand of the product, with no control characters or embedded HTML.
Highly recommended for Apparel, Home and Garden, and Toy products.
Levis, All Clad
helpful hints
model_no The model number for the product.
Highly recommended for Home and Garden, Computers, and Electronics products.
sale_price The price of the item if it is currently on sale. Be sure to include the original price of the item in the "price" field. In US dollars, with a decimal point and no $ sign. 29.99 (not $29.99, 29)
instock Defines if the product is currently in stock on your site. Must be one of the following (not case sensitive):
yes, no, y, or n
shipping The category you use on your own website for each product. Please include your full hierarchy for each entry and separate the different levels with a " > ". home electronics > audio & video > video > dvd players

If you already have a .csv file for Froogle or Yahoo! you can use it with ShopClub.
Please use the following links for more information about Froogle and Yahoo! product export formats:

Yahoo: https://productsubmit.adcentral.yahoo.com/sspi/us/spec
Froogle: https://www.google.com/froogle/merchants/advanced_feed_instructions.html

The products info is imported from your .csv file daily. This way our product base is kept up-to-date.
In case you decide to suspend/disable your program at eProfit or it is blocked by our administrators for some reason, your products will not be shown at ShopClub.
Your products will be imported for the first time as soon as your program is approved by administrators.

Click the "Save export settings" button when finished.

Your program will be reviewed by eProfit administrators within 24 hours. You will receive the confirmation letter to the e-mail you entered while registering at eProfit.

After creating your program please receive the trackers codes and place them on the pages of you e-shop.

Installing trackers is vital for your program to work.

Receiving and placing trackers codes

What is a tracker?
A tracker is a 1 pixel transparent GIF image placed on merchant's website and used to track sales made by visitors from ShopClub on merchant's website. eProfit's trackers communicate back to our tracking server reporting the information about visitors' actions.

You can receive tracker code for your website by clicking on the "Get tracker code" link in the right menu of the selected program.

Please install the following trackers on your website pages:
Hit - We recommend you to install this tracker on all pages of your website if you would like to track the number of customers who came to your shop from ShopClub and made purchases. This will also allow you to see extended statistics in your account at eProfit.
You don't have to change anything in the tracker code for this action.
Sale - In order to track sales, this tracker must be installed on the sale confirmation page.
The [summ] parameter must be replaced with sale amount, [your_id] must be replaced with sale ID or invoice ID. This ID has to be unique for every sale on your website.

Code example: <SCRIPT SRC="http://t.eprofit.com/tracker.js.php?id_event=5&id_program=60&summ=[summ]&foreign_key=[your_id]"></SCRIPT>
In this example the code fragments that you will have to change are marked bold.

Trackers are unique for every program. It is better to place trackers in the top part of the page. Each tracker shows 1x1 pixel transparent image and is not visible to your website users.

To receive trackers' codes please navigate to My Account -> My Programs, open the program you created for ShopClub and click on the "Get tracker code" link in the right menu of the program.

The setup is now finished.
Please contact our administrators to discuss the cooperation details.

As soon as your program is approved by our administrators you will be able to start tracking and viewing statistics of sales made by ShopClub customers on your website.